Dr. Bobby J. Moore practices in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.



Bobby J. Moore, DMD, MAGD went on his first mission trip to South Africa IN 1992.  He went on his second mission trip to Guatemala in 1993.  Since that time he has been associated with Baptist Medical and Dental Missions International and has made eleven mission trips since becoming associated with that organization.  Bobby becomes very excited at any opportunity to talk about the hundreds of people he has had the opportunity to serve by meeting their dental needs.  He tells of how many of them walk miles to stand in lines sometimes numbering in the hundreds to wait their turn to receive medical and dental treatment.  Bobby’s mission team built a childrens home in Honduras which started with I girl and now serves 200 children.  The team bought a pair of milk cows for the children’s home without realizing that both cows were going to have calves.  The couple of milk cows has grown to a herd of 60 cattle.  That is only one of the multiplying factors you hear about when you have the opportunity to discuss the mission work with Bobby Moore.  The team also started a fund to help the villagers in receiving surgical treatment they could not otherwise afford even though a major surgical procedure costs only $200.


To many the idea of spending a week or two without all the conveniences to which we have become accustomed would not seem to be a welcomed opportunity.  But Bobby talks of sleeping bags, makeshift showers and sanitary facilities, limited electricity, and substandard clinical facilities as a real opportunity to give back in appreciation for the many blessings in his life.


One of Bobby’s fellow team members (Dr. Morgan Rousseau), states: “The mission team that Bob and I travel with to Honduras serves villages that usually have little to no access to dental care and very limited access to health care in general.  Honduras does not pay for extractions through their national health care but they do provide funding for replacing teeth with dentures or partials. So, when word spreads that an American team of Drs/Dentists is in a village, people will walk sometimes for miles just to have a tooth extracted. For them, an abcessed tooth could easily be a life and death situation.  On a typical day, Dr. Moore will see approximately 30-50 patients extracting approximately 80-120 teeth. Many patients, especially teenagers will have anterior teeth extracted as soon as they detect a cavity because they know they can get a partial at some point and be spared potentially painful  and life-threatening situations. We are working in the villages 4 days very long hrs. with head flashlights for illumination.  It's not unusual for any number of animals to be running beneath our feet and portable patient chairs as we work.”


In addition to being the teacher of a men’s Sunday School class, Bobby is a popular lay speaker, always willing to share his experiences with churches and civic organizations in hopes of challenging others to join and share his experiences.


  And just to be certain that life never became dull he found himself treating one of the police dogs for his hometown canine unit.  The lives of countless people have been made better because of Dr. Bobby Moore of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  As is the case with most benevolent individuals, Bobby shuns praise for his efforts and prefers giving the credit to others, feeling that he is the one blessed with the opportunity to meet the needs of others.  He and his wife Patricia also find time to enjoy their children and grand children.


Dr. Bobby Moore has been selected by the nominating committee to be the next Secretary for the Alabama AGD.  The election will take place in September for a term to begin on January 1, 2009.